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This is a collection of notes on useless and unimportant things like poetry, travel, books, photos, fitness, shibumi, economics, science, and tigers. Well, not really poetry, but the phrase loses cachet without the poetry word.


Notes on books and other readings.


Experiments to improve fitness and productivity.


Resources and tips I use for this blog.


Rarus et sine gravitas.

Latest Notes

The House Finch and the California Wildlife Center

I’m sitting in my kitchen watching old tennis matches in my iPad when it happens: a blasting sound up in the sky followed by a violent thud on the ground. There on the patio lies motionless the body of a little house finch. A few feathers fluttering around. I can see...

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2018 Homework Log

In 2018, I want to explore and learn the world of content creation for websites. I came up with a wishlist: As a way to maintain the motivation, discipline, and direction, I defined very simple rules: Dedicate at least one hour every day to this initiative...

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WordPress Developer Class, HTML, CSS

Saturday February 17, 2018 Wordpress Developer for Beginners → Learn HTML and CSS first Here we go, I joined wpmudev because 1) it looks like an awesome place for resources and community, and 2) they offer "Your Bachelor of Wordpress", a series of classes to become a...

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Building mental maps: Creative Suite

Sunday February 11, 2018 Develop a decent Design and Media skillset The world of blogging is vast and foreign. Makes the learning process daunting yet exciting. I took some notes and here are the main elements identified as areas of focus: Wordpress Environment and...

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Developing a mental map of WordPress

Saturday January 20, 2018 Learning the building blocks of Wordpress I'm new to the Wordpress world. I set up this website in one weekend by purchasing the Divi theme and a child theme called Ally. I have added a few plugins that other bloggers recommend: Smush, Yoast...

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28 May 1453 at dusk | Byzantium | The Decline and Fall

Imagine yourself crossing the threshold of Hagia Sophia as a random tourist visiting Istanbul. You’re wearing your blue jeans, white sneakers, and a t-shirt with the Nike logo on it.

Now imagine yourself crossing the threshold after having read the above passage. The distance is unmeasurable, isn’t it?

Now imagine you are entering the church on 28 May 1453.

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