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Cowards die many times before their deaths

When I confided to my good friend and mentor Reynaldo that I had been sucked into a vicious cycle of internet “research” - anxiety - fear - more research - anxiety - and so on… after having been experiencing an assortment of physical, non-imaginary and imaginary...

El momento en que estas (Presente) – Argentinian Rock

“I remember once, in a concert, that we began playing Presente and, on the second stanza, people stood up and started clapping. We had never seen anything like that, we didn’t really understand, and we were paralyzed. We were shocked, we had trouble keeping on playing. We were distracted because the audience took part in what they saw, and it wasn’t because they’d heard it on the radio, because they had never heard it before.”

A tip of the hat Ricardo, so many memories, teary eyes, gratitude, love. A song that came to our hearts and stays there forever.

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Is a fixed-rate mortgage cognitive dissonance?

When we leave the room, my boss comes to me and says: “listen to me, yes, we agreed that floating rate is always better for the company, but for your house you should always go fixed.”

Thirty minutes before, I had persuaded the big boys in the room to enter into several billion-dollar swap contracts that effectively transformed the company’s fixed rate debt into floating rate instruments, similar to ARMs. 

So why then my boss and everyone else in that room had expressed the opposite view in their personal finances? Why the cognitive dissonance?

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High tonnage, small size, fleeting value: things I don’t know what to do with

I lie. I do see these things when I’m not looking for them, and their sighting stress me out. All these items that create clutter but have some trivial and fleeting value and that I keep around long after their expiration date.

What would a wise man do? Refuse them in the first place, accept them and then immediately and coldly throw them away, set an expiration date and discard them once they reach it?

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Basic Cycling Gear from a Nerd’s Viewpoint

Nerds vastly outnumber artists. Nerds keep gadget companies alive and profitable. Artists move the craft forward. We need both, but also, every nerd should aspire to be an artist.

I’m a Nerd. Yes, I admit it. But one day, I will be an artist.

Oh, and yes, this post is about buying a bicycle.

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Ramble about decluttering mind hacks

…always inclined to invest in learning about productivity tricks, mind hacks, health and fitness experiments… but… the more I learn, the more packed my day gets with tips, tricks, hacks and experiments. And once my day is filled, I continue writing tricks and hacks in a mental to-do list to complete on an “ideal day,” “when I get there”. The overload makes me useless. So now what?

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Running with Wilson

“It wasn’t easy, you know, to leave family behind and all that. You hear a constant buzz of guilt and, all of a sudden, find yourself running two hours every day. Not very intuitive because people associate running with thinking, with reflection. Not me. When I run, I think of nothing.”

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