On Composition: Symmetry

In the preface to his book Why Beauty Is Truth, Ian Stewart provides a glance at the importance of symmetry: Symmetry [...] plays a central role at the frontiers of physics, in the quantum world of the very small and the relativistic world of the very large. It may...

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Siberian Tiger: the remarkable story of Sooyong Park

Several months later, in snowy night illumined by the moon, Sooyong met a tigress (Bloody Mary) and her three children. “So I named them,” he said, “the son of the Bloody Mary: Sky White. First daughter: Snow White. Second daughter: Moon White. I named like that. Very beautiful.”

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7 things to know when visiting Angkor Wat

Here are 7 things I wish I had known before walking into the City of Temples:

1) It was built by an ancient race: the Khmer people. These people are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Southeast Asia, dating back to 2000 BCE. They developed the first alphabet still in use in SE Asia, from which Thai and Lao scripts are derived.

2) Pol Pot did not want to destroy Angkor Wat.

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